New To Football? This Will Get You Up To Speed About The Baltimore Ravens!

So you want to learn more about the Baltimore Ravens so that when you watch games with your friends you know what they’re talking about? You’ve come to the right place!

Technically, the Ravens are one of the more recent teams in the NFL, having been established in 1996 when the owner of the Cleveland Browns wanted to move his team to Baltimore in 1996. There was some legal drama, and the end result was that the team moved to Baltimore but took a new name. The end result was:

– the players and contracts were retained in Baltimore
– even though the players were the same, it was technically a “new team”
– the Browns’ name stayed in Cleveland, and in 1999 they drafted new players and began to play again

So in 1996, the Baltimore Ravens were the same players as the 1995 Cleveland Browns, just in a new city and with a new name. And in 1999, the Cleveland Browns started back up again with different players.

The Ravens’ name was picked in reference to the one time Baltimore resident Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, “the Raven.”

Despite technically being a new team in 1996, the Ravens had an established roster, and in 2000 won Super Bowl XXXV. Since then, they’ve made the playoffs 8 times, and won the AFC North 3 times.

Despite a track record of success, the Ravens have had their share of problems, too. For example, in the 2002 season they lost a number of players due to salary cap issues (the amount they could pay their players was fixed). ทางเข้า ufabet impacted by the loss of certain players, they finished the season 7 and 9.

The next few years were marginal, sometimes finishing the season with more losses than wins until 2006 when they set a team best of 13 wins a 3 losses.

If you want to be in the loop when the Ravens are discussed, you also need to be aware of their big rivalries.

Perhaps the biggest rivalry (not just for the Ravens, but also in the entire NFL) is between the Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The two cities are only a few hours apart by highway, and the close physical proximity makes the rivalry more “real.” Additionally, both teams are considered to be aggressive and physical, so when they play each other the action can be intense (compare that against a game between two teams with different styles of play, such as brute force play vs. strategic play).

There is also a rivalry with the Indianapolis Colts, who used to be the Baltimore Colts. It’s the “old” Baltimore team vs. the “new”