Top 5 NFL QBs of the 2000s

Football fever is in the air. The end of the 2009 NFL regular season is winding down, and everyone’s beginning to speculate about the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Certain divisional races couldn’t be more exciting and look like they’ll come down to the last week. Even more interesting is the AFC wild card picture, which could truly go in just about any direction at this point.

More importantly, a decade of football is behind us and it’s time to reflect on the decade that was. This article will focus on quarterbacks, a quintessential position in the football world and the most important one in the minds of many fans.

Who were the best five quarterbacks of the decade? Here’s one sports fan’s opinion.

5. Kurt Warner. The old man still has it to this very day, and Warner bounced back from a few off years to show that he’s truly one of the best in the game. Having led the Cardinals to the Super Bowl last season goes to show that Warner never lost his touch.

4. Donovan McNabb. This is a man who led his team to 5 conference championships and a Super Bowl during the course of this decade. He hasn’t won a championship, but the Eagles were a consistent contender through and through, and may very well contend yet again this season.

3. Tom Brady. With three Super Bowls under his belt, it’s hard to put Brady at number three on this list. Still, and injury and a very strong supporting cast of receivers leads some to believe that Brady may not have been as successful with the supporting casts that numbers one and two had. Still, Brady has some good years ahead เครดิตฟรีufabet of him and should continue to be a major force going into the next decade.

2. Brett Favre. Who would have ever guessed that the legendary Favre would still be slinging the football like he is to this very day? After a sour stint with the Jets last season, some argue that Favre may be better than he’s ever been in his career. At 40 years old, that’s simply remarkable.

1. Peyton Manning. No quarterback has been more consistently great than Manning through the course of this decade. Whether it’s his multiple MVP awards, his Super Bowl, or his permanent fixture in the post season, Manning is looking true to form this season a